Paint touch up

Now matter how careful you may be, sometimes you end up dinging your guitar in a nasty way. I can color match almost any finish and restore your guitar to it’s original glory. Call me to discuss your damage and find out if it’s correctable.

Staining or tinting

Don’t like the current color of your neck or body? Wish your guitar had a vintage patina? Give me a call. Most guitars are made of wood and that means it can be stained or colored to look old, new, wild or mild.

Full setups

Now matter how good your guitar looks, it’s just decoration if it doesn’t play well. As a long time shredder (check out some of my band videos), I understand how good action and intonation can enhance your playing and sound. Stop tailpieces, Floyd Rose, Kahler and other bridge types, floating or not  are not a problem.

It’s something we can bundle with your new paint job.

Upgrade or fine-tune parts

Almost every guitar can be improved by fine-tuning the mechanical components of the guitar to suit the stylistic needs of the player.

Replacing pickups, potentiometers, capacitors and switches can drastically alter the output and tone of your guitar. There’s a reason you can buy pots in 100K, 230K, 300K, 500K and 1M values. The higher the value, the brighter your guitar becomes; the lower the value the darker it gets. Combine that with the awesome selection of pickups available and you can create almost any sound imaginable. It’s part science and part preference. I can help you dial in whatever you’re looking for.

Installing a new nut can also greatly improve open string tone and allow for better final adjustments. The choice of materials directly contributes to the tone transmitted into the guitar body and the way it’s cut significantly contributes to the way the strings respond in your hands. If you’ve ever played a guitar with a well cut nut you’ll feel what I mean almost instantly.

Replacing the entire bridge or just its saddles can improve the adjustability range for intonation and reduce string breakage if the old bridge was rough, rusted out or in some other way causing a problem. You can also shape your tone to some degree by considering options like graphite, brass or stamped steel. Every option has its benefits.

Tuner replacement is another area that can yield improved tuning stability, which will make you sound better on every song. Modern, locking tuners require almost no wraps around the tuning peg and that means the strings don’t take hours to settle in. Anyone who uses a whammy bar knows how frustrating it can be to have strings dropping out of tune practically every song. This can be stopped!

Really messed up repairs

A broken head stock is the saddest repair I can do something about. Mahogany necks, drill-through Floyd Rose string clamps, Ibanez-style Wizard necks and other skinny necked guitars are notorious for not surviving a good fall. If that happens to you, pick up all of the pieces you can, carefully set them aside and give me a call. Many of these instruments can be saved. Don’t give up before letting me take a look at your beheaded friend.


Sometimes binding comes loose, gets chipped or falls off completely. This is a correctable problem. Call me if the binding on your guitar has seen better days.

Painting other types of instruments

People ask me to paint guitars most often since that’s what they see me playing but I also paint drums or anything else that you can get into my shop. If you can play it, I can make it looks kick ass.