Meet Joe

Joe rocks a custom gold Les Paul
Guitars that really get played deserve to be show stealers.

I’m Joe Pluff and I’ve been tricking out guitars for more than 2 decades. These specialized instruments are more than eye-candy, however. They’re the tools of my craft and the voice of my music.

My band, For the Broken, plays numerous shows throughout the Midwest and at nearly every venue, I get asked about my guitars. Tone aside, what people want to know is where they can get a guitar like mine.

That question has come up so often that it became obvious that I should offer my services to others.

That’s what Midwest Custom Guitar Painting is all about. It’s your chance to own the guitar of your dreams.

And it’s easy…

All you have to do is call me at 913-530-3983 and tell me what you’d like to do. I can walk you through the process and even offer suggestions if you’re not 100% certain about your design ideas yet.

I’m a real guy with a ton of experience that you can consult and I’m here to help. Call me if  you’re the kind of person that wants your instrument to reflect your style and personality even more than it does already.